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Second Wednesday Women's Group

September 2022 - June 2023

The Women’s Group was formed in 2011 with much preparation and prayer.  The goal for the group is to develop Christian

maturity through fellowship, devotionals, and service to our Lord.  We invite women of all ages to our group; it is not necessary to be part of the congregation of HPUMC.

Meetings are held in the church nursery from 1:00pm to 2:30pm on the second Wednesday of each month, September to June. We begin our monthly meeting by enjoying the fellowship of eating lunch together, followed by a devotional and discussion or activity to go along with it.  Our theme for this year is Women of the Bible, including some of the Bad Girls of the Bible. We will use scripture readings, skits and discussion to look at the lives of these biblical women and how we can apply the lessons we learn from them to our own lives.  


If you have any questions, need transportation or further information, please contact Holly O'Brien at or (203) 506-4822.

March Meeting

The March Women’s Group began with lunch and fellowship. We were all so happy and grateful to have Muriel back with us! May God’s healing hand continue to be on her in the days to come. Marion’s Women of the Bible study was based on Priscilla.  A woman of Jewish heritage and one of the earliest known Christian converts who lived in Rome, Priscilla is sometimes called the first female preacher and missionary. Although we do not know much about her, we learn from the Bible that she loved God, understood the importance of serving Him, and wanted to share His message with others so they would know him, too.  Marion gave us very cute gnomes to make as we filled in the blanks of her St. Patrick’s Day word game.


Our April meeting will highlight a dramatic presentation of Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Written for the Easter season, it is very moving, inspiring, and powerful. We invite all women of the church to join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Grace and peace to all.

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