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Listed below is a list of our ministries, along with a short synopsis of each.  Please check out their pages for more information and current activities.

As Christians, worship is a central part of our faith.  Although our whole lives can be a form of worship, coming together as a community creates a special atmosphere where a connection with God is experienced individually and together.  We seek to provide all our members and guests opportunities to experience such a connection with God and one another.


Our Music Ministry enhances our worship service through singing and instrumentals.  It is open to all ages and all talents. You do not have to read music or have a wonderful voice to participate in -- we only require a heart that loves the Lord and a person who loves music. 

Christian Education


Worshipping God is an essential part of our lives as Christians, but we are also called into study of His word.  You are welcome to join us for Sunday School and other learning opportunities throughout the year as you grow in your faith.




From serving hot meals to Columbus House the fourth Saturday of each month to supporting a program to help the Mulungwishi Theological Seminary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we are committed to Missions locally, nationally and globally.

Prayer Ministry


Prayer is an essential part of our church:  Praying with each other and for each other.

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