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HPUMC has been supporting Columbus for many years.  We used to cook and serve a meal once a month, but with COVID, we have been given financial support for that monthly meal.

We also contribute to the Hamden Food Bank, located in the Keefe Commuity Center located at 11 Pine Street in Hamden.  Contributions are always needed to help families who are struggling to make ends meet.  It's important to keep the shelves stocked.

Dinner for a dollar.jpg
Each Saturday night, teams of Cooks and Servers work to prepare and serve meals to the community.
HPUMC Supports Missionary Helen Camarce 
in her work in Cambodia and other Southeast Asia countries

ABOUT HELEN:  Helen believes in the hardship and struggles of being born as a woman in Southeast Asian countries which is mostly patriarchal in culture especially here in Cambodia. Giving them the education, knowledge and skills to participate in the family and the community’s development and economy, gives them the confidence and to learn to value themselves as a daughter, a wife, a mother and a member of the community.

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