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Dunn Pearson

Music Minister

Dunn Pearson, Jr. Pianist, Award winning Composer and Arranger, lauded as one of the top African American music composers to have major success in all genres of entertainment, Movies, Television, Broadway, Music and Commercials. Professionally known as the "Black Beethoven," Dunn has 6 solo CDs. His scoring credits include the Orlando Film Festival award winning best docudrama “Unhinged”, theme of the Fox TV smash "New York Undercover," the HBO movie ", Head Office," Columbia Pictures box office hit "The Professional," Miramax’s “Ride”, Mario & Melvin Van Peebles "Identity Crisis," the faith-based film “Iniquity” and the Cinecom Int. Film, starring Oprah Winfrey, "Native Son”. McDonald's and Superbowl XXI Commercial for Wendy's and noted orchestrator for the O'Jays and Mary J. Blige. He orchestrated and arranged the Broadway Musical, “Amen Corner”. Additionally, Dunn is a book author (Masculine Vulnerabilities), TV Host (Men4Men Better Living),  Founder of God Has A Blessing Foundation, CEO All Dunn Advertising and Music Minister of Hamden Plains United Methodist Church

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Nancy Estes



Nancy's family has enjoyed membership in our church for over 150 years. Her great grandmother, grandmother and mother all taught Sunday school and were on many committees. Now, she continues her family tradition by being our secretary. Nancy joined our church through confirmation in 1979 and was married here in 1983.  She is a mother of four and a grandmother of nine. 


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